Blogs for B2B Healthcare Websites: 6 reasons why they are important

Blogs for B2B Healthcare Websites: 6 reasons why they are important

One of the most effective marketing strategies for B2B companies is maintaining an active blog. Yet blogs for B2B healthcare websites are underutilized. Many healthcare brands don’t view blogging as a top priority—potentially missing out on more organic traffic, engagement, and qualified leads. To help clarify just how effective blogging can be, we have compiled […]

A Comprehensive Healthcare Web Design Checklist: 7 Key Steps 

Healthcare Web Design

An updated and optimized healthcare web design is essential for converting leads in almost all industries, especially in the B2B healthcare field. In fact, over 70% of marketing leaders report that they redesign their websites every one to three years. [I] Consumers have little patience for old, outdated user experiences. But if the idea of […]

Color Psychology in Healthcare Branding: How to select the best colors 

Color Psychology in Healthcare Branding

When it comes to marketing, first impressions matter! It only takes 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your brand. [i] And while many factors influence these impulse impressions, color is a key differentiator. Learn how Color Psychology in Healthcare branding can help you grow. Maintaining strategic and purposeful branding colors can help […]

6 new strategies for a smart redesign: B2B healthcare websites

B2B Healthcare Websites

Does your B2B healthcare website need a redesign?Having a clear, optimized, and vision-focused website makes all the difference when it comes to targeting your ideal audience and converting leads for your B2B healthcare brand. 61% of B2B decision-makers begin their buying process with a web search. [i] If you think it is time for your […]

What is Healthcare Branding? How better branding can help your business thrive

healthcare branding

Healthcare branding is arguably the most powerful tool in today’s rapidly changing healthcare market. Gone are the days when you could count all the major healthcare brands on one hand. Developing your healthcare brand and making it stand for something that engages consumers is more critical than ever. First, you need to understand what a […]

The best 5 Marketing Trends in Healthcare that drive results for 2022

Marketing Trends in Healthcare

How can you reach your clients in 2022? As 2021 comes to an end, we evaluate the last two years and the impact the COVID19 pandemic had on healthcare marketing. When the world shut down, online communication was propelled to the forefront of the healthcare industry. With tradeshows, in-person meetings, and other traditional networking and […]

How to successfully market B2B in healthcare for 2022

market b2b in healthcare

Inbound B2B marketing for healthcare is one of the trends that the pandemic has accelerated. Developing and fine-tuning your inbound marketing strategy is the key to growing your medical business in 2022. For many healthcare brands, this shift from outbound to inbound has been a challenging obstacle. However, this can be a good thing for […]

HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Web-design

HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Web-design

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing an accelerated trend of remote patient offerings and the digitization of services for patients. This movement has brought on a slew of new healthcare-related technologies and expanded digital access for many patients. While welcome by most patients, this progress also raises concerns about the safeguarding of patient privacy. Confidentiality […]

Using Competitive Analysis to Upgrade your Website

Competitor Analysis for your website

The past 19 months have brought a series of unique business challenges that have thoroughly tested the marketing strategies for many organizations. Following the consumer trend, many prefer to do most business online through their vendors’ and partners’ websites. This digital-first trend has caught some b2b companies flat-footed. After any interaction with a new prospect, […]

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