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6 new strategies for a smart redesign: B2B healthcare websites

Does your B2B healthcare website need a redesign?
Having a clear, optimized, and vision-focused website makes all the difference when it comes to targeting your ideal audience and converting leads for your B2B healthcare brand. 61% of B2B decision-makers begin their buying process with a web search. [i] If you think it is time for your website to get a much-needed redesign, you should keep the following six smart strategies in mind. These are six new strategies for a smart redesign of your B2B healthcare websites.

  1. Prioritize User-friendliness

One of the biggest marketing mistakes that B2B healthcare brands make is having incredibly difficult-to-navigate websites. When it comes to optimizing the selling process, simplicity is vital. The last thing you want to do is make your audience’s buying process more difficult.

By prioritizing user-friendliness on your website, you help provide a seamless experience for your audience that does not leave them feeling frustrated and encourages them to explore more. Alternatively, if your website is too confusing to navigate, your audience will not hesitate to move on to more straightforward ones.

  1. Communicate Your Value Clearly

The messaging on your website should help your audience clearly understand the value you offer and how they can access that value easily. You never want someone to walk away from a visit to your website, still questioning what it is that your company does.

One of the primary reasons your messaging is so important is that your website exists as a touchpoint that your audience can refer to repeatedly. As opposed to email or social channels, the messaging on your website is always readily available for reference. In their guide to B2B marketing, HubSpot explains this concept perfectly: “since the typical B2B sales cycle often involves many key players (such as gatekeepers, decision-makers, and other folks who have to buy into a purchase), websites are easy, straightforward ways for influencers to share information about your product or service.” [ii]

Your website is the optimal place to highlight your value and communicate to your audience how you can help them in specific ways. Do not miss out on this opportunity for strategic messaging by making the copy on your website confusing or unclear.

  1. Focus on SEO

Search-engine-optimization strategies can help make sure that your B2B healthcare company website is getting in front of the eyes of the right people. It does not matter how straightforward or user-friendly your website is if no one ever engages with it.

Almost all B2B healthcare brands have competitors vying for the same or at least a similar target audience. Investing in SEO means giving your company a better chance of being the one that your audience comes across first. Investing in things like high-value content, keyword research, and backlinking strategies can help improve your website’s chances of ranking in popular search engines.

  1. Do not Forget About Your Mobile Users

Another marketing pitfall that B2B healthcare brands sometimes fall into is forgetting to consider the experience of their mobile users. The percentage of global website traffic generated from mobile devices rose to 54.8% in 2021, signaling the importance of optimizing websites for mobile use in addition to desktop. [iii]

As discussed earlier, user-friendliness is key to maintaining engagement on your website and fostering a positive sales experience for your audience. Only focusing on the functionality of your website for desktop users limits your company’s ability to convert those who visit your website on their phones.

  1. Maintain Consistent Branding

Maintaining consistent branding is key to any B2B healthcare marketing strategy. Whether it is in emails, social posts, or the copy on your website, all your marketing content should be brand-specific.

The goal of consistent branding is to help your company’s vision and focus stand out in the minds of your audience. If you feel like branding is redundant, you are making a mistake; your target audience is bombarded with thousands of ads each day—each from different brands competing for their attention. Being consistent makes it easier for your audience to recognize and remember who you are and what you offer. Using the same branding on your website that you do on all your other marketing materials helps continually reinforce your company’s vision with those who come across it.

  1. Consider Speed Time

Finally, if you have followed all the best practices above and still cannot seem to engage with your target audience online, it might be time to check the speed time of your website. Even if you have the most optimized website out there, you will still have trouble keeping users on your page if your website loads too slowly.

In 2017, Google found that “As page load time goes from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%”. [iv] Essentially, the longer it takes your website to load, the more likely your visitors will move on to something else. There are several reasons why your website might have a slow load speed, so it is worth your time to invest in the tools or agencies that can help you mitigate these issues.

Time to consider a redesign?

how to reinvigorate your B2B healthcare websites

The average B2B healthcare website is only about four years old. Like most of your competitors, you want to refresh your site to appeal to your audience and be more effective.

Are you ready to redesign your B2B Healthcare Website? We can help.

Our talented team has the knowledge and experience to build a beautiful, robust, functional, and budget-sensitive site to meet your brand’s needs. We are dedicated to growing healthcare brands. If you are ready to start building your new lead-generating machine, let’s connect.


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