graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand

3 ways graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand

Visual design is one of the most foundational aspects of digital marketing. When done right, graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand by becoming an incredibly powerful tool for reaching and engaging with your leads.

To help show just how effective graphics can be, we’ve outlined three ways visual design can boost your marketing efforts. Learn why graphic design should be a top priority for your B2B healthcare brand.

Graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand by:

Improving First Impressions and Fostering Engagement

When it comes to website development, design is just as (if not more) important as the content itself. How you lay out your website visually can make a huge difference in whether users stay on your page or move on.

The time it takes for your audience to decide whether they want to continue engaging with your brand after landing on your website is almost instantaneous. According to research, web designers only have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression, and the vast majority of these first impressions are design-related. [i]. In other words, if a user lands on your page and they are not impressed by the design or the layout, they will likely move on to another website that is more visually inviting.

Investing in effective graphics and design can help you foster engagement with your audience while decreasing bounce rates. You shouldn’t assume that your website visitors will take the time to read through all the content on your web page before solidifying their impression of your brand—it happens much more quickly than that in most cases. That’s why it’s so essential to focus on the visual elements of your web design to ensure that they are captivating and appealing.

Graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand by:

Promoting and Communicating Content with Data Visualization

Healthcare B2B marketing often involves trying to explain detailed (and sometimes even complicated) concepts. Graphics are a great way to communicate these specifics in an easily digestible and visually intriguing format.

Marketing expert Neil Patel states, “Data visualization can help you take complex or dry concepts and make them more compelling, helping drive home your point and increase sales along the way.” [ii] So, while posting a huge block of text explaining the latest incidence rates of COVID-19 might be relevant to your brand and your audience, most users will scroll right past it. Alternatively, if you turn that data into a compelling infographic, you’re more likely to catch your audience’s attention.

In fact, infographics have seen a steady increase in use over the last few years by B2B marketers in particular. [iii] Most audiences will gravitate toward content that is easy to conceptualize quickly over that which is cumbersome and requires analyzing lengthy text. As a B2B healthcare brand, you should be using graphics to convey your messaging in a compelling and easily digestible format.

Graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand by:

Increasing Brand Recognition

Finally, graphics can boost your marketing efforts by increasing your brand recognition. Take a moment to think about some of the most widely known brands throughout the world. You probably don’t need to look them up to be able to recall their branding colors, logo, and even font. That’s because their brands are so deeply established and so easily recognizable.

According to HubSpot[iv], your brand is so important because:

  • it gives your organization an identity
  • makes your business memorable
  • encourages consumers to buy from you
  • supports your marketing and advertising
  • brings your employees pride

Using consistent and cohesive graphic design can help you establish your brand identity in your audience’s mind. On the other side, disjointed graphics and careless design can confuse your audience. [v] In conclusion, being consistent and thoughtful with your visual design can help you build brand recognition and solidify your brand identity.

Graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand by:

Empowering your Marketing Strategy

Graphic design is all too often considered a “nice to have” but not a “need to have” in the B2B healthcare space. However, visual design can be one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. Above all, the right graphic design can easily improve your healthcare brand and help foster engagement, communicate your message clearly, and establish brand recognition.

If you want to start using graphics for your healthcare brand but don’t know where to begin, we are here to help. Our graphic designers and marketing experts are ready to partner with you to create compelling and effective designs that align with your brand and its unique goals. let’s connect.


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