2023 Healthcare Website Trends

2023 Healthcare Website Trends | Top 3 to grow your brand

Did you know that almost three-quarters of marketing leaders redesign their websites every 1-3 years? [I] Website trends are always changing, and it’s important for brands to stay up to date with the latest digital strategies and insights.

So what will websites look like in 2023? While we can’t predict the future, below, we’ve compiled a list of trends we feel confident will be at the forefront of web design in the new year—particularly for brands in the healthcare space.

Let’s dive in the 2023 Healthcare Website Trends.

Privacy and Security

How secure is your brand’s website?

Audiences are becoming more and more concerned with protecting their privacy online. According to the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration, “73 percent of Internet-using households in 2019 had significant concerns about online privacy and security risks, and 35 percent said such worries led them to hold back from some online activities.” [ii]

Nowhere is maintaining user privacy more important than it is in the healthcare space. The most successful brands will be those who can meet their audience’s privacy expectations and go above and beyond to ensure their private health information is protected.

For years now, the misuse of personal data has led to mistrust between audiences and countless brands. As we head into 2023, users will choose to engage with brands that make clear their commitment to maintaining security and privacy within their websites.

Mobile-Friendly Functioning

We’ve known for years now that Google uses mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor. More and more people use mobile devices when searching the internet, so it only makes sense that mobile-friendliness is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Audiences don’t (and won’t) want to engage with websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. In fact, according to HubSpot, “73.1% of web designers think that non-responsive design is a top reason why visitors leave a website.” [iii]

However, don’t assume that simply making your website look good on mobile is enough. It needs to work just as well too. For example, consider the size of the buttons or drop-down menus available on your website—would they be difficult to select with thumbs? Mobile users won’t be using agile cursors to navigate your website; they’ll be using their fingers.

This functionality is just one factor to consider when it comes to mobile website design. The bottom line: if your website is difficult to use on mobile, your users will more than likely become frustrated and move on to something else. 2023 Healthcare Website Trends show the importance of functionality and user interface.

Accurate Content

Long-form content has been and will continue to be a great way to engage relevant audiences and convert leads. And the quality of that content is becoming increasingly important.

HubSpot Managing Editor Jay Fuchs explained it best: “Successful marketing blogging is the art of making your readers see the educational element of your content so clearly that they forget about the promotional one — and that fact is becoming increasingly reflected in both reader preferences and how Google ranks content.” [iv]

In August of this year, Google announced its “Helpful Content Update” which will begin rewarding content (I.e., ranking it higher) that is helpful and meets a visitor’s expectations. [v] On the flip side, low-quality, fluff-filled content will be penalized. That means developing accurate and educational content that is helpful to your audience will be key to maintaining engagement in 2023.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, accuracy is paramount. Your audience needs to see you as a credible and authoritative source of information—otherwise, they’ll move on to a different brand they feel they can trust more.

2023 Healthcare Website Trends

To recap, maintaining privacy, prioritizing mobile responsiveness, and developing accurate content are trends that will continue to grow in relevancy and importance in 2023. For healthcare brands, in particular, these trends shouldn’t be overlooked. Each of them will help your audience feel confident in your brand’s credibility and value.

If you need help executing any of these website best practices in the new year, we would love to partner with you. At ArchKATect, we specialize in helping healthcare brands leverage the latest in digital marketing to reach wider audiences and engage new leads. So whether it’s creating a new content marketing initiative or helping you with mobile UX, we are ready to guide you through the process. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare-focused digital marketing services.


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