Generate Healthcare Leads During a Pandemic

Creating a Successful B2B Healthcare Marketing Strategy During COVID19


Travel restrictions, distancing, and event/conference cancelations have limited many traditional methods of communication. Clients were already expressing a need for digital communication, but COVID-19 has catapulted digital communication into a necessity—one that should be top priority in B2B healthcare marketing.


The pandemic has highlighted the vast selection of marketing platforms available, and you should utilize them depending on what makes sense for your audience. Although most business-to-business marketing is localized in LinkedIn and email campaigns, there is a significant increase in alternative avenues to meet the sudden demand for online advertising. As the landscape continues to change, and your clients’ needs change along with it, your strategy will need to be similarly dynamic.


Transform Your Marketing Strategy


Today, audiences are expecting brand presence in every channel, and overlooking the variety of tools each digital platform offers negatively impacts your overall positioning. This is your opportunity to showcase your goods and services. Let the healthcare leaders know your company’s solutions to their current pain points—and do it through every digital marketing channel at your disposal.


Keep Communication Open


During a crisis, companies that maintain their online presence, can recover faster compared to those that do not. Marketing involves maintaining a continued drive to create momentum. Your brand has become a trusted name in your industry and cutting back on digital-based marketing strategies during the current pandemic undercuts your current (and future) success.

Now is an important time to stay at the forefront of information by using targeted campaigns involving regular blogs, informative articles, email campaigning, or social media posting. 

Keeping in touch with longtime clients and following up with prospects lets them know you’re still here despite the current challenges brought by COVID-19 in our world today.


Set Your Tone

The global hardship as a result of the pandemic requires a consistent and appropriate message from suppliers and service providers. While humor may feel like a fresh breath of air for overextended decision-makers, it is imperative to avoid sarcasm and embrace empathy as the better strategy. 

Remember, this is an emotional time; balance how much negative news permeates your communications. Using a compassionate voice that maintains an informative purpose, and even some positivity in your overall messaging will avoid giving an overly tone-deaf or sales tone. You don’t have to paint a perpetual picture of rainbows and sunshine but sharing solutions to the daily challenges brought by COVID-19 can give hope.

Your marketing strategy should include campaigns that show your appreciation and support for the efforts of your clients, current or prospective. Let them know that you are on the same team.


Highlight Your Adaptability 

No matter how much pre-planning and strategizing we do, even the most prepared will still experience challenges that do not have short-term solutions immediately available.

Healthcare facilities are struggling with wild fluctuations in demand for both products and services. Let the decision-makers of the healthcare systems understand that your organization can adapt. Implement marketing campaigns that are aimed to inform your audience of how you are changing. Without getting technical, give concrete examples of your efforts, such as retooling machines to create high demand products or changing company policies to accommodate working remotely.

Demonstrate your adaptability in the face of travel disruptions, staffing shortages, and cancellation of larger event gatherings. From online meetings to holding product demonstrations on video platforms, use creative solutions to maintain your business relationships your customers have come to rely on–and highlight this strength in your digital marketing.


Share Your Solutions 

You want customers to recognize that your brand provides solutions with the products and services provided during this uncertain time. Make sure to support this in your brand story by using your digital marketing efforts to highlight how it offers such support.

How a business handles its employees, affiliates, and clients during this crisis, will define the identity of that brand for a long time. Take control of your public image and let the world know how you are fighting on their side.

Are you making donations? Are you allowing a flexible schedule for your staff that has no alternatives for childcare? Do you have special discounts? Sharing these actions in your marketing communications creates brand trust.

It is also important to showcase your company’s products and services that can add value to your audience during these uncertain times. Make the direct link and let your clients, current or prospect, know how your service or product relates to their current pain points.


Create needed valuable content

Your marketing strategy should also include material that are beneficial to the fight against COVID-19. Maximize exposure and relationships by offering relevant valuable content that educates, inspires, and even entertains your target audience during difficult times.

Remember that the majority of your audience will expect you to do the right thing by not just them, but your own vendors, employees, and communities around you no matter the cost.


Fight Misinformation

Maintaining an accurate message keeps your shared information valued. Whether you are trying to improve lead generation through timely infographics or by informative digital marketing campaigns, keeping up to date on the latest local, state, and federal level decisions that affect the healthcare industry is critical. 

During uncertain times, clients want expert information. Re-evaluating previously published data for relevancy is critical in response to the ever-changing nature of information surrounding COVID-19.

Sharing accurate information regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and nature of this viral infection has never been more critical to public safety. Marketing incorrect data can have serious consequences for healthcare systems basing decisions on what you claim to be true. 


Be a Leader 

COVID-19 is an opportunity for healthcare vendors and service providers to shine as more than just business partners. We are indeed in unprecedented times across every marketplace.

Expert-level business-to-business marketing is more essential than ever; it is a critical tool in helping you offer the services that allow healthcare systems to continue in providing the highest quality of medical care to their communities. By partnering with you to alleviate pandemic-created communication hurdles, experienced marketers can bring you one step closer to qualified leads.  


Evolve Your Marketing Strategy (CTA)

COVID-19 has changed the healthcare landscape permanently. Marketing strategies need to evolve to successfully deliver your message to the ones that need to hear it the most.

Partnering with archKATect can help you quickly begin the refocusing process and develop marketing strategies that enhance current client relationships and build future ones, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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