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What is Healthcare Branding? How better branding can help your business thrive

Healthcare branding is arguably the most powerful tool in today’s rapidly changing healthcare market. Gone are the days when you could count all the major healthcare brands on one hand. Developing your healthcare brand and making it stand for something that engages consumers is more critical than ever. First, you need to understand what a healthcare brand is and why it is vital to have a strong business representation.

What is Healthcare Branding?

The first step in understanding healthcare branding is to define branding in general. One definition of branding is “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers .” The most crucial piece of this definition is the word distinct. Effective branding will memorably set you apart from your competitors by quickly and clearly showing clients how your brand is distinctive.

In the healthcare space, branding is critical because there are high stakes. Anyone involved in healthcare knows the weight of responsibility to put people first and consistently deliver the highest quality of products and care. Therefore, your healthcare branding should clearly reflect your commitment to providing the highest-quality healthcare products or services possible.

Beyond a logo and into a distinct identity

All healthcare consumers are being inundated with information that can be seemingly endless and, at times, inconsistent. With this constant influx of information, getting lost in the crowd can be easy. A company without distinct and intentional branding can easily blend in against competitors or unintentionally misrepresent their company’s vision. Excellent healthcare branding provides clients with a conspicuous, easily identifiable, and consistent brand image to trust and reach out to even amidst rapidly changing times.

With the shifting of the healthcare market over the past few years, healthcare branding has become more complex than simply having an eye-catching logo. Of course, a logo is an integral part of your healthcare brand, but it is only one piece. Your company’s branding is not just your perception or representation of itself, but more importantly, it is the reactions and feelings your clients have towards your company.

Do you have an emotional connection?

Healthcare is complex with many moving parts; therefore, there is no simple equation to plug in a logo and color scheme and magically produce a successful healthcare brand. In healthcare branding, the feelings your brand evokes are the most impactful and provide the most results.

Your healthcare brand should allow your clients to identify your mission and values, why you are the best, and that you care about them. In healthcare today, it is becoming increasingly easy for providers, facilities, marketers, and patients to feel they are just numbers rather than unique people. Strong healthcare branding is the best weapon to combat this. Your branding provides clients the content they need to identify your company quickly. With effective branding, your company will evoke emotions of trust, confidence, and respect. A strong brand identity prevents your company from blending into the sea of healthcare-based businesses.

The elements of healthcare branding

Developing your brand’s identity requires deep introspection. Businesses need to ask questions such as who we are, what are our goals and reputation, and how we can separate ourselves from our competition. In the end, healthcare branding is not how you present your brand but rather how your audience perceives your brand. Therefore, it becomes an abstract concept that includes:

  1.   a promise
  2.   a distinction
  3.   an emotion
  4.   a representation of your mission and values
  5.   an emblem of trust
  6.   an avatar
  7.   a non-verbal connection
  8.   a journey
  9.   a lasting impression

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Converting Clients into Advocates

Strong healthcare branding translates to a sense of community and builds loyalty to your brand. When your branding communicates that you care about your clients, they feel seen. Get closer to your audience by utilizing branding strategies such as a distinctive logo, well-planned color scheme, consistent fonts, targeted writing, and clear vision.

Beyond the Surface

You have worked hard to develop your business, and we want your clients to recognize your excellence effortlessly. Healthcare branding showcases your company’s superiority by intentionally and thoughtfully giving your clients an easily identified and trusted brand. Let us explore underneath the iceberg and help you align your branding with the vision and mission of your company. You already know what makes your company better than all the rest; let us help you communicate that to your clients and competition.

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