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How to successfully market B2B in Computer Software for 2022

The key to your inbound B2B information technology marketing strategy is twofold: targeting your ideal client and leading them to your brand with relevant content using your online and social media presence. In addition, your content needs to establish and confirm your expertise within the information technology industry. Therefore, your campaigns should aim to develop brand awareness and showcase your brand as an authority in your field. A value-driven approach to your marketing will drive organic traffic to your brand, and it will build a foundation for creating profitable long-term leads.

Identifying the Best Clients

Start by looking at your current clients. Who are they? Where is your sales volume coming from? Doctors’ offices, clinics, urgent care centers, or is it primarily larger institutional clients? Do you sell more to single locations and small chains or regional and national chains? Is there a client base you are not tapping into at all? How do your devices fit into their overall business? Besides buying your information technology, what else do they do? Now, go deeper. With your current clients, who are making the purchasing decisions?

These questions can help you understand your current clients better and identify trends within your customer base. This investigation, in turn, will allow you to focus on attracting better prospects which will drive your sales up. This process will also help you uncover untapped clients giving you more opportunities for long-term growth.

Zeroing in on your ideal client also involves analyzing their business so you understand how to improve your sale approach from a problem/solution standpoint.

Learn how to build your Buyer Persona (free template)

Effective content comes from a Thoughtful Strategy.

First, for content to be effective, it must reach the customer. If they never see your content, it does not matter how great it is. Even though your clients are online, the question is, what is their digital footprint? Where do your ideal clients gather information? Are they actively using social media to find ideas and keep current on the industry? Do they primarily use a search engine to look up new information when deciding on a purchase? Do they respond to email marketing?

Your B2B pharmaceuticals marketing content strategy is more than just using the right keywords and making regular posts on social media. Your campaign plan should provide a clear path for prospects and clients to deepen their relationship with your brand in a way that benefits you both. Therefore, everything you publish should have a clear connection to your brand and a clear call to action.

The content you publish should be relevant, timely, immediately digestible, and usable. Use social media and email to lead prospects to your website for more information. Create dynamic landing pages with valuable content that gives your client a real return on their time. Avoid bombarding them with multiple calls to action. Instead, make the purpose of the landing page very clear. For example, offer a CTA for downloading the free publication, signing up for the newsletter, scheduling a consultation, etc.

A Thoughtful Strategy is Only as Good as Its Implementation.

Create a schedule for scheduling all the parts of your B2B pharmaceuticals marketing strategy. Whether weekly, biweekly, monthly, or something else, frequency and regularity in publishing your content will go a long way in reaching your customers. A word of caution, don’t overdo the amount of content as you could smother your prospects with too much of a good thing and end up pushing them away. Instead, find the right balance of frequency and then stick to it.

Another area that requires forethought, planning, and coordination is the alignment between marketing and sales. Ideally, there should be complete unity between the two. However, the reality is that is not always the case. A successful marketing plan includes sales in marketing strategy and implementation meetings. A close working relationship between the two teams will go a long way in converting leads to sales.

Lean on the Experts

B2B pharmaceuticals marketing has changed dramatically over the last couple of years and will continue to evolve. The simple truth is adapting to this changing environment on your own could leave you struggling to keep up. Let us help. Don’t settle for surviving when you could be thriving. Here at archKatect, we have a diverse team of experts with many years of experience in marketing for the healthcare B2B industry. We want to be your B2B pharmaceuticals, marketing partner. Let’s talk.

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