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8 Best Email Marketing Platforms 2023

How to Find the Best Email Marketing Platforms

Today more than ever, email marketers must leverage the most effective tools available to reach the best ROI and increase their revenue. Fortunately, there are dozens upon dozens of email marketing apps and software promising to be the perfect solution for you. With so many choices, it’s a buyer’s market. How can you decide? How to find the best email marketing platforms in 2023?

Features, learning curve, and price

The competition amongst email marketing software providers for your business is high. It is keeping the prices low and the included features and functionality high. Even though price is always important, first focus on the features and functionality. Narrow down the field to those that include what you need. Next, identify the learning curve required for the new email platform and then compare that with who will be using it. If the learning curve is too steep for the users, most likely you will not get the most out of it and quite possibly will have to switch to another platform that is simpler to learn. After filtering down the choices by features and learning curve, then compare pricing to find the best email marketing platform for your company.

Segmentation and personalization

Features that should be at the top of your list include those that let you segment and personalize your email campaigns. A 2020 HubSpot study showed that email personalization was the top strategy used by marketers to improve campaign performance [1] . Another recent study revealed that campaigns using segmentation saw up to a 760% rise in revenue [2] .

Top 8 email marketing software platforms

We’ve scoured through the many options and pulled together our picks. They each have some things in common. All have features that let you personalize and segment your campaigns. They all also feature drag and drop design functionality which generally makes them easier to use, reducing the learning curve for most people. In the list below, we’ll highlight anything that makes them unique from the others as well as anything else you may need to consider.You can make videos to compliment your blog and social media posts with quick tips or “did you know” type content about your products and services. Use videos to give walk-throughs of your products and services so they can see what to expect and how it works.

  • Unique features: This email service can be fully integrated with the rest of the HubSpot marketing suite including their CRM, sales tools, web builder, and operations, which allows for an incredible level of personalization and segmentation.
  • Learning curve: The basic email design features are easy to use with sharp templates giving even entry-level users a beautiful email. The advanced features can take some time to master. Thankfully HubSpot provides a wealth of excellent courses on their free-to-use training platform.
  • Considerations: Although the email service is available by itself, it’s best to use it as part of the marketing suite.
  • Unique features: The most used features are included with every plan. Their campaign builder function makes customization a cinch.
  • Learning curve: Mailchimp’s drag and drop interface is easier than most to get to know.
  • Considerations: There is a “free-forever” plan, however, the more advanced tools are reserved for paid plans.
  • Unique features: This platform is loved by email marketing beginners due to the easy-to-use templates, simple automation tools, and built-in social media integration.
  • Learning curve: Easiest to use right out of the gate, even with little email marketing experience.
  • Considerations: They are known for great customer support and a generous 60-day free trial.
  • Unique features: Unlike most of its competitors, Aweber makes all features available to all plan levels. This includes 700+ templates, social media, and CRM integration, easy sign-up forms, and analytics.
  • Learning curve: Its drag and drop email designer makes this service about average on the learning curve scale.
  • Considerations: A full-featured, free trial is available to new users.
  • Unique features: As its name implies, Convertkit is best known for the easy, yet powerful sign-up features it gives. Also allows integration with over 70 different 3rd party platforms.
  • Learning curve: Very easy to use due to the intuitive design.
  • Considerations: Convertkit is the preferred email service for many bloggers, writers, and marketers
  • Unique features: Powerful and easy-to-use design tools including a slick landing page builder as well as a sign-up form maker.
  • Learning curve: Simple and intuitive automation tools make this platform very friendly for beginners.
  • Considerations: Higher-priced plan levels include greater customer support options and more features.
  • Unique features: Mailerlite is a clear-cut email marketing platform that features simple automation, landing pages, and pop-ups.
  • Learning curve: Its drag and drop interface is fun and perceptive with fast to learn core features.
  • Considerations: This simplified platform lacks CRM integration and many of the premium features the others on this list.
  • Unique features: Omnisend is known for its advanced functionality with automation and cross-channel marketing.
  • Learning curve: Interface and templates are simple for most users to learn.
  • Considerations: Omnisend is specifically designed for e-commerce integration.

Need more help deciding?

It is not easy to pick between these and the other great email marketing platforms available. Let us help. We are email marketing gurus, and we would love to discuss your email needs and strategy. We are your healthcare marketing partners. Let’s talk.


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  1. HubSpot (2020). 2018 Marketing Statistics, Trends & Data – The Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Stats. [online] Available at:‌

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